Dr. Yigal Gliksman in a very sensitive ,clear and interesting manner ,explains and demonstrates the biofeedback method of teaching and training yourself to cope with stresses, tension, anger, concentration problems, loneliness, pain and insomnia, hypertension etc…


In general this book makes you understand the inter-relation between body and soul.You will be able to change and control your reactions to stressful situations in your life.
Dr. Glikman’s “biofeedback” book is much more than about biofeedback!  It speaks to fundamental emotional learning and thinking habits that have profound effects on the lives of us all, including matters of age, anxiety, attention, depression, happiness, loneliness, pain, sex, and trauma.  He very effectively conveys his messages, with both knowledge and wisdom, through presentation of detailed case histories that illustrate the importance of embracing life challenges and mysteries, rather than avoiding and diminishing them. The book offers “down to earth,” practical, and heartfelt advise.
Peter M. Litchfield, Ph.D.
This book presents a clear illustration of how the biofeedback method, its approach and its instruments, apply to our diverse life stages and crises as we live them. It is written in an engaging, lively style, accessible to the common reader through the use of effective images and timely illustrations from Dr. Gliksman’s practice. Dr Gliksman addresses the reader in a tone which is didactic but not patronizing, as a professional and as a friend.
Hadara Perpignan Ph.D.