A psychotherapist since 1963, with widespread and diverse clinical experience treating children, teenagers and adults in different medical and therapeutic settings – hospitals, government institutions, public health clinics – both in Israel and abroad. With a private practice in the greater Tel-Aviv area.


Licensed by the Ministry of Health

  • Certified in Special Education by the Ministry of Education
  • Biofeedback and neurofeedback specialist
  • Therapist and certified trainer in creative and expressive therapy
  • Certified marital and family therapist & mediator
  • Certified E.M.D.R. therapist.

Dr. Gliksman is an expert in his field. His articles, papers, and research studies are well known and highly respected in both Israel and abroad. His new book "Biofeedback You Are In Control" can be purchased at AMAZON UK. 
Dr. Gliksman lectures and conducts workshops on the subject of improved functioning and personal life quality at universities, international conferences, corporations and private gatherings.

The Biofeedback Technique
The biofeedback technique gives you the knowledge, tools and skills with which you can improve your ability to gain voluntary control over your involuntary responses. This technique is based on Medicine, Biology, Psychology and Technology and should reduce your dependency on physicians and medication.
Dr. Gliksman is the former head of biofeedback units at several large hospitals. He has extensive experience teaching and facilitating workshops dealing with peak performance, improved functioning, and personal life quality at universities, conferences, and private companies. He is considered one of the leading experts in his field, and his articles published in the general and professional press, in addition to his research papers, are well known and highly respected both locally and internationally.