A psychotherapist since 1963, with widespread and diverse clinical experience treating children, teenagers and adults in different medical and therapeutic settings – hospitals, government institutions, public health clinics – both in Israel and abroad. With a private practice in the greater Tel-Aviv area.

Dr. Yigal Gliksman in a very sensitive ,clear and interesting manner ,explains and demonstrates the biofeedback method of teaching and training yourself to cope with stresses, tension, anger, concentration problems, loneliness, pain and insomnia, hypertension etc…

A healthy population is comprised of people of different and diverse ages, occupations and positions: managers, hi-tech experts, sales and marketing personnel, pupils-students, artists, musicians, athletes, data entry workers, etc.

Those suffering from illnesses or symptoms deriving from stress and pressure, such as
Pains in general and headaches in particular, problems related to the digestive system – irritable bowel, high blood pressure, insomnia, excessive perspiration in the palms, soles, and underarms, breathing difficulties, etc.

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